Day 1: The Way I Look

So today, a random Monday in March, I’ve decided to reclaim my body and take control of the way I look, think, and act. I’ve never been skinny, and I’ve always known that. I went from a size 16 in girls to a size 7 in juniors to an 8 in ladies. I have never been anything smaller. Ever. That’s caused a lot of problems for me as an adult. The attitude of “If they don’t like me, then screw them” is only on the surface. Underneath, it’s a sob-fest where I stuff brownies into my mouth as mascara runs down my face. Do I care what other people think of me? Obviously. So my goal is to chronicle this journey. The good, the bad, the cheat days, and the days where I watch Netflix the whole day, and the days where I valiantly workout. So here it goes.

The Way I Look

I weigh a grand total of 223lbs (with clothes and shoes I might add. And I weighed myself post Zaxby’s… so there’s that too). My pant size is 16 and shirts have to be an XL. I am not happy with the way I look. Do I take any kind of weight loss supplement? Sure I do. I’ll play with Hydroxycut and CLA and Super-B Complex. Do I know how any of those work or if they are good for me? No. But oh well! I have no idea what my body measures at various points. I guess I could measure but, ugh. Work.

Day 1: Pre Work Out

Thoughts: Well, it’s 5.57pm on Monday. I could easily do some kind of workout in the house or go to the gym where I’ve had a membership for the last year, but you know.. Netflix. But let’s give it a whirl as a just in case.

What I Would Do: My body puts on muscle fast, so lifting weights is only so profitable. I’ll bulk fast if I don’t eat well. And let’s be honest, I love fried chicken and pancakes. What would would best for me would be to do a lot of cardio and high intensity stuff.

Day 1: Post Work Out

I did do something today!! Hooray!

Me in a tie-dye tank post workout.
When you workout and turn various shades of red.

What I Did: A mixture of high-intensity sets. I started with some oblique stuff as a warmup. Then I moved into bicep curls, and tricep extension thing. I rotated that around until the obliques rotated off. Then I added dead lifts. I ended with jumping jacks, squat-leg kick/punch things, and shoulder press.  Finally, I ran up and down my apartment stairs 10 times.

How I Feel: Good. I have worked out before and lost a lot of weight. I remember how good the endorphins feel and what it’s like to feel strong. It’s just a matter of getting back in the habit of actually working out.

What I Ate Today

Grits. Because I am Southern and you will never find me NOT eating grits. Yes, there was cheese involved.

Zaxby’s Big Snack Zak Meal. But I didn’t eat all of it! So that’s something I think….

No one knows about dinner yet. I haven’t thought out that far.

Update: Grits. I ate grits. Again.


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