Day 4: Post Soredome

So I skipped a couple of days.


  1. Did I mention that I am a grad student? Well, I am. I have a full-time job and I’m going to grad school to receive a Master’s in Public History. The university I attend is an hour away, so on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (the last two days), I drive to and back from school. Those drive/class times are not conducive to a consistent workout regiment. But I do what I can.
  2. I was sore after the other day. I knew that I was going to pay for the dead lifts and squat kicks. But, you know what they say. Pain is just weakness leaving the body! I just googled that quote in efforts to find a witty meme to stick here, but I didn’t find any. I did however find a kick ass picture of Leonidas screaming before he died in that final onslaught of arrows scene. (#imahistorian).
  3. I could have done SOMETHING to keep myself moving during those two days. But nah.
Me post workout on day 4
See that sweat there? Yeah. Told ya.

So in efforts to prove that I actually did workout stuff today, here’s a picture of me with a true to life sweat drip rolling down my face. Yes I am from the South, and yes, it is already consistently above 75f. But I promise that sweat is from a hearty good workout!

Oh, and you may start to see a theme. I turn a god awful shade of red anytime I get hot or exert any form of physical activity. I also do not tan. I rotate constantly various shades of red.

Workout for the Day

So what I did today was a workout session powered by Fitbit’s Fitstar. This was not my first workout with them, and I must admit, I’m pretty pleased with it. They offer a wide range of running things to HIIT to strength training what not and what have you.

Today I did the Quick HIIT. A 22 minute long, 203 calorie burning, ass kicking machine. Like you see in the picture, I was proper sweating. So props to you Fitbit! Making your peeps do their thing.

On the Fitbit – do I ever reach my step goal or activity goal? Hardly. I think there only been like 4 days since I got this thing at Christmas that all of my goals were met. Does that discourage me? Nah. I live my life. I have a job. I go to school. I can’t be running around all day getting steps. No. I do what I can when I can, and that’s all I can do. So there.

A positive note to the end of this post is this. I stepped on the scale when I got home from work today in jeans, tennis shoes, and having eaten Mexican for lunch. And you know what? I weighed 222. I’ve officially lost a whole pound since Monday. Whoop whoop!!!!


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