Day 5: Pizza

Today I walked more steps (according to the Fitbit) but I ate a pizza. And cinnasticks. Damn you Domino’s and your close proximity to my house. And damn you Louise Grace for having the spine of an earthworm.

Literally after having typed that I grabbed the trash that needed to be tossed and walked it the .25 to the dump and came back. I feel slightly better about my dinner choices but not a whole lot. On the bright side, the pizza was a small and I did not eat whole thing. I think I left two pieces in there. I may have not eaten the whole pizza because I did smash the entire thing of cinnasticks. #NoShame

So today I did not do anything in terms of physical exertion. I walked to and from work, which in its entirety is around 1.3 miles. So not far. I also had Subway for lunch – with a diet coke and Doritos. Soooo…




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