Day 17: The Picture

Recently, a tour group at the museum I work at took pictures of me as I was leading their tour. I looked like a beached well. A muffin top was spewing over the rim of my jeans. Double boob action like it was going out of style. I had no chin. My face morphed into my neck in one thick mass.  My thighs looked like giant Thanksgiving hams ready to be smoked.

Oh, it was so gross.

I recognize that the angle was not a flattering one. But that’s the angle that the groups see me from. Their are usually sitting looking up at my neck-chin-face. I have GOT to do something about this.

I ate like crap for dinner because I am on girl time and wanted nothing more than a greasy burger and milkshake. I also ate like crap for lunch. My tour group was late today and I had a high school aged volunteer in the office, so I could not leave campus for a much needed break.  I simply popped over to Mackie Dee’s for a quick bite and diet coke.  I feel like a fat piece of shit.

As for waking up early this morning to exercise…. No I did not. I stayed up too late (which it looks like I will again tonight), and I couldn’t pull myself from bed. Here’s to hoping this week gets better. Will it? Nope. But here’s to hoping!


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