Day 23: The Mid-Day Workout Experiment

Today I tried something different. I worked out on my lunch break. Here’s what I thought:

  1. I really like working out in the middle of the day.
  2. Lunch breaks are a good time to squeeze in some high intensity interval training.
  3. Got good and sweaty.
  4. Hardly had time for lunch after.
  5. Did not have time for a shower.
  6. Returned to work feeling pumped but gross.

So I have always enjoyed working out in the middle of the day, but because I have to pay the bills and such, I never have the time. Work, ya know? They say it’s important. Whoever they are.   It has bummed me out that since college I have not been able to workout in the middle of the day. So today, I decided to give it a go on my lunch break. I had already lead my tour group through the museum and did not have any meetings scheduled for the afternoon. It seemed like an ok day to try it out.

Postly post workout pic – proof of exercise and stuff

Again I chose a FitStar Quick HIIT video. It’s a quick 24 minute butt buster that truly does get me moving, sweating, and utilizing all muscle groups throughout the body. What I didn’t factor into my workout was the time needed to change shoes and clothes and purely getting into the mindset of working out. By the time I started the exercise routine, I only had 40 minutes left on my break!

I made sure to eat a high protein lunch following the workout but found that I did not have time to sit and enjoy it. Then I had to quickly changed clothes and bolt out the door to make it back to work. Like I said, I didn’t have to see anyone in office for the rest of the day, so my appearance did not matter as much as it did in the morning, but still. I felt grimy. There was a sticky layer of salty sweat stuck to my skin that made me feel like ugh.

So what I need is advice. I really enjoyed the afternoon workout!! But I need to know how others pull off the mid-day exercise with work routine. Any tips you can tell me would be greatly appreciated!

Oh! And I do live literally three minutes away from my office, and I am currently still working out at home. I’m all kinds of shy and self-aware to go to the gym where I pay a monthly membership.  *Rolling my eyes*


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